Selected published work:

“We Take Our Color From The Mines,” “The Sea Was Never A Friend To Us,” “We Are Forced To Face One Another” published by The Write Launch

“Emigrant Song” published by Harpur Palate
(nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

“Creamery,” “Corpse Candles,” “Vernon”
published by Cathexis Northwest Press
(includes essay, interview, and audio of poem readings)

“A Toast” published by From Whispers to Roars

“A Haiku for Miss Clara Bay” published by From Whispers to Roars

“Aromatics” published by Typishly

“The Clock Hands of a Child” published by The Massachusetts Review

“Charlie Parker” published by DMQ Review

“Troutman Street Juxtaposed” published by Euphony

“3 Poems” published by SN Review


Read a review of Watkins’ debut volume of poems “Short Houses With Wide Porches” at Hayden’s Ferry Review


“The poems of Christopher Watkins are, at once, tender, shrewdly observed and enormously vital.”
-Baron Wormser (former Poet Laureate of Maine, a Guggenheim grant receipient, and the author of many award-winning collections of poetry.)

“Here are poems both tender and wild, ‘moist as rotting leaves,/ dank as garbage,/ ripe with life.’”
-Jeffrey Harrison (author of four collections of poetry, including The Singing Underneath, selected by James Merrill for the National Poetry Series.)

“The poems of Christopher Watkins are astonishing.”
-Ted Deppe (author of four collections of poetry, and the recipient of two Pushcart Prizes, and two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts.)